St. Meera's Pre University College


    A full-fledged library to satiate the curiosity of the students. The library is also stocked with old and model question papers to help the students understand the level of preparation for an examination.


    Physics, chemistry and biology laboratories are very spacious and are well equipped with modern instruments required for the regular courses.

Computer Science

   The department of Computer science has a good collection of software for several applications.

Play Ground

    College has a Basketball court and Badminton court at the campus.

Seminar Hall

   A very big seminar hall to conduct seminars for large gatherings equipped with state of the art infrastructure has been established.

Technology Integration

   Through an advanced technology platform SMC provides information regarding their academic calendar, assignments, reports, attendance and performance of the students, and any relevant announcements. Classrooms are equipped with audio-visual aid enabling stimulation centered schooling in addition to reqular teaching methods.

Life skill Integration

   Students are provided opportunities to organize and conduct inter school level science fest at their campus. Its also provides interactive sessions on life skills through an engaging, self-learning process on success, relationships and connectedness. These programmes are kept as a part of SMC curriculum.

Extra-Curricular Activities

    SMC conducts extra-curricular activities such as fests, excursion, cultural activities, sports, to help reduce the stress.

PTM(Parent’s Teacher Meet)

   PTM(Parent’s Teacher Meet) are conducted to understand the student behaviour and periodic counselling is provided whenever required.

Facilities Provided